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John Burch Funnel Mentoring Packages
Working With The Billion Dollar Producer
  Money-Maker, Business Changer, Closer
Ready-FIRE -Aim Hardcore Copywriting Bootcamp: $1,000
Custom - 2-4 hrs of training time
How to get really good, quickly, at copywriting in the shortest period of time.
  • By the end of this program you’ll be able to easily:
  • 1. Write email drafts in less than 3 min
  • 2. Learn and internalize the 15 key components to an email that work on producing results.
  • 3. Learn and internalize the key questions to eradicate procrastination
  • 4. Plan and execute a campaign:
         a. Flow
         b. Headlines
         c. Content
         d. Call to action
         e. How to approach subsequent drafts and take action
  • 5. Course teaches in addition:
         a. Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP)
         b. Conversational Hypnosis
  • 6. Examples of how to use these skills in other forms:
         a. Social Media posts
         b. Landing pages
         c. Video
         d. Live presentations

ADVANCED MENTORING OPTIONS: $5,000 - $35,000 Per Year
Starter Kit: $5K per year ($2500 down $500 month for 5 months - 7 months no payments)
  • 1. Deep dive analysis (1-hr) of current business - clients provided data in time to analyze
  • 2. Setting yearly objectives
         a. Monthly sales
         b. Yearly campaigns
         c. Low hanging fruit
  • 3. Funnel development fully on only:   
         1. Lead Magnets
             i. Testing
             ii. Multiple offers
         2. First level Tripwire offer
             i. Syllabus and content review
             ii. Pricing
             iii. How to upsell to other larger packages
  • 4. Private Group:   
         a. How to properly develop and grow
         b. How to service/manage to be nearly automated
         c. Proper ways to deliver content to warm-up prospects and turn into buyers
  • 5. Copywriting: Learn and execute the proven READY-FIRE-AIM rapid writing system
  • 6. Brainstorming (only) of rest of funnel
  • 7. 1-monthly scheduled meeting (1-on-1 for 1-hour)
  • 8. Text ability weekly (not weekends)
  •  *DOES NOT include any custom work - custom work starts at $500 per project and up.

Executive: $8500 per year ($4200 down $716 per month for 6pmts - 6 months no payments)
  • Everything in the Starter Kit package PLUS:
  • 1. Set up  
         a. Free Coaching Call funnel
         b. How to price
         c. How to service
         d. How to upgrade
  • 2. Assisting in marketing message and distinctions on;
         a. Next level of funnel
  • 3. Advanced copywriting support from Ready-Fire-Aim
         a. Copy review for emails and social media posts - 10 per month
         b. How to infuse these same techniques into videos like the “Ride Along” technique and 3 other proven ways
  • 4. They Key to Being Scalable:
         a. Troubleshooting
         b. Optimize
         c. Evolve
         d. Re-launch/Scale
  • 5. Virtual training meeting with the whole team (1 per quarter)
         a. Planning and objectives
         b. Role assignments
         c. Troubleshooting

VIP: $10K per year ($5K down  - $999/month -5 months - rest of the year no payments)
  • Contains all in Starter Kit and Executive packages PLUS:
  • 1. 2 scheduled meeting per month
  • 2. Whole funnel system approach
         a. Identify other front end opportunities
         b. Establishing Back-end SOP
             i. Sales Script that converts at 47%
  • 3. Assist in creation of entire learning system
         a. Organically Upgrade/Age & Ascend clients
         b. Develop environment and techniques that pull people to next level thru structure of learning
  • 4. Unlimited copywriting support
         a. Seinfeld sequences
         b. Soap Opera Sequences
         c. Delivery sequences
  • 5. Unlimited Sales support
  • 6. How to activate the private group or fan page “lurkers”   
         a. Finding and activating hidden money

Custom VIP Agency Experience: $30K per year ($10K down: $1660 per month for 12 months)
  • Includes Starter Kit, Executive, and VIP packages PLUS:
  • 1. Weekly scheduled video/phone meetings
  • 2. Assist on proper value ladder for business
  • 3. Assist in creation in:
         a. Lead magnets
         b. Low priced offers
         c. Viral contests
         d. Content development
         e. Package creation for “age and ascend” client
         f. Pinnacle Point creation (highest ticket/highest value)
  • 4. 2nd value ladder for online free BONUS
  • 5. Creation of (1) online ad campaign lead/sale
  • 6. Management of (1) online Ad campaign
  • 7. Additional campaigns can be purchased for $1K monthly
         a. Requires min 3-month commitment to properly optimize
  • 8. All ad campaign must be allotted $500 min per month
         a. Client pays ad budget
         b. Client realizes campaign budget WILL increase based on ROI
  • *Does NOT include copywriting (starting at $500 per project)
    *Does NOT include graphics (Starting at $500 per project)

*Note - some of this fulfillment will be handled with John Burch’s team
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